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From Your Hosts,

                  We opened Refinery Grill in March  2015.,our main mission is to provide a surrounding where you can enjoy, wholesome food catering to  the business and residental patrons in the immediate  and surrounding areas  and also to provide a place where friends and family can meet and relax after a hard day, or a place to relax after a week at work.

                 It takes more than exquisite cooking to make a memorable meal. Staff at the Refinery Grill  believe an intimate atmosphere in the right location, personal and attentive service and great company are what separates a delicious dinner from an unforgettable experience.

               Rest assured, your food will taste as fabulous as it looks. From preparation to presentation, we take pride in providing unique small bites, buffets and complete formal sit-down meals that are not only delicious to the mouth, but also to the eye. With over a  3 decades in the event production and catering industry, our resources and capabilities are endless.  If we are simply providing food for an office event, or producing a wedding or fundraiser for 3000 guests, you can count on amazing food.

               Our client service, attention to detail and focus on your preferences extends from our food to our wait staff, location sites, design work and other event planning services.


                We currently hold and have had many successful large groups of parties. We provide sit down service offering breakfast, lunch and a dinner trade. Presently we have a successful breakfast, lunch and dinner trade and we very committed , to insure that we will be successful.

               Please note: Any table/party with 8 or more persons there will be an automatic service of  18 % added onto their final bill.


               We welcome the opportunity to serve your every need, whether planning an Anniversary or Birthday Party, or any special occasion. Please contact us direcly we are on the premises daily, and look forward to meeting all our customers and friends.

Make Your Day Our Day. !!!!!!


Michael &Tamara Sarris


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